Effective diet & lifestyle changes for age 35 plus

Losing weight is not vanity, it's a life necessity!

Take this easy and important step towards your health and the best version of yourself. Keto Life Coach will change the way you view and experience food.

The proof is in the pudding: you will lose weight rapidly and enjoy amazing food; eat to your satisfaction; and regain your health and control of your life. You will learn how to shed body weight without exercise – although exercise does bring many other benefits!

Based in Wirral, UK

What is keto?

Keto is a diet that works for everybody, following a very simple protocol. A ketogenic diet is not new, it is not a fad diet, and it is not expensive. It is a sustainable, and delightful way of eating that your body will love.

The diet works by forcing your body to use fat instead of ingested carbohydrates for fuel. In a nutshell, you will be losing weight rapidly, with no hunger and you will feel great long-term benefits in a sustainable way.

On top, the byproduct of burning fats are ketones, which are a great source of energy for your brain.

Keto is for those who

Who's the coach?

My name is Ana. I've read psychology at the University of Liverpool and then furthered my interest in human behaviour at postgraduate level in counselling at the University of Chester.

After 3 years of research and self-experimentation I have mastered the challenges of reaching optimum health. I will give you the practical advice you need from the vast amount of research behind the ketogenic diet. I will guide you through the process, in a way you feel most comfortable with.

Online workshops

Introduction to keto

Thursday, 21st January 2021 7.00pm – 8.00pm

Sorry, this event is fully booked

Maximum 6 spaces – book soon!

Due to COVID-19 health and safety restrictions, all workshops are conducted online using the Zoom platform.

I'm sorry but something seems to have gone with the booking process. Please email me if you see this message and I'll help out.

One-to-one consultation

Personal intro to keto

Skype, Zoom, Facetime, or Google Meet

Time and date to be arranged after payment

How does it work?

Within your first private online consultation we will cover the principles of a ketogenic diet - how to implement it successful, answer your questions, and we will talk thorough the best strategy for you to start the process of changing your eating habits and reaching optimal health.

If you need additional support you can book as many follow up sessions needed to help you achieve your personal objectives of health and weight loss.

Once you've booked I will email you to confirm the date and time for a live-chat through Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or Google Meet.

One-to-one consultation

Your 4-week plan

The private consultations are aimed at people who want to embrace mindful living habits and reach their goals in terms of weight loss and health.

Based on your life-style and commitments you will be given a four-week personalised living plan – including non-prescriptive dietary recommendations, which will guide you step-by-step in achieving optimum results on keto.

First 45 min consultation inc. 4-week plan £75
Subsequent 30 min weekly catchup consultations £30


Get in touch

Contact me (Ana) to discuss your needs and let's figure out how we can get your health back on track!